Accessibility Concerns Arise Over Tekken 8’s Jarring Colorblind Filter

The upcoming Tekken 8 game from its developers includes color-blind options for improved accessibility. However, some experts and users argue that certain settings may do more harm than good. Among the problematic filters is one that displays black and white lines horizontally and vertically, causing headaches and vertigo. Gaming accessibility specialist Ian Hamilton compared it to the infamous Pokémon episode that resulted in hospitalizations. Screenshots of these filters were shared on Twitter by @itwhiffed, sparking significant discussion. EA’s senior GM for accessibility, James Berg, urged people to stop directly sharing the tweet picturing Tekken characters as striped lines. He warned that the video was causing migraines, vertigo, and high-frequency flashing that could be triggering for many. Tara Wake Voelker, Xbox Game Studios accessibility lead, suggested that the developers should use EA’s photosensitive epilepsy safety testing tool to address these concerns. In response to the outcry, Tekken’s director Katsuhiro Harada clarified that there were multiple color vision options in the game, not just the problematic pattern, and that these features had received positive feedback from demo play participants. Berg acknowledged the game’s positive intent and expressed hopes that the developers would consider advice from experts to ensure its success. The game’s release date is set for January 26th.