AFK Union Guide and Arena Library – How does it work?


Make heroes passive by founding unions in the AFK Arena game. Learn how the AFK Arena Library and Union function works

You can use your heroes, heroes of your friends and heroes of your alliance companions to form a union and activate a powerful bonus that instantly increases the stats of HP, ATK, ACC etc. of the heroes. As soon as you complete a number of phases in campaign mode, a new library of functions will be activated. With this function, you can form a union of heroes. Union heroes are massively enhanced by the benefits of union. If you are having trouble getting through an internship, spend some time forming unions. For the first time, it might be problematic to comprehend. If you’re confused, today’s AFK Arena Library & Unions guide will help you. Let’s start

First, let’s look at the list of unions and heroes that you need to create for that specific union:

Go to the castle building menu -> tap the library -> here you can check all the unions. Touch an association and you will see the heroes (your portraits) needed to form that association. If you have these heroes, tap the + button to place them. At the bottom of this screen, you will also see the buffs and the requirement to activate the buffs. When creating a union, you can enjoy three types of buffs. At first you can use all the rare heroes. To activate the second buff, you need heroes of elite rarity. And for the last and third buffs, you finally need legendary heroes.

As in many other RPGs like AFK Arena, we have to collect a class of heroes and upgrade them to make them more powerful. With this we can win battles more easily and thus complete the different phases of the game. With this little guide we are going to explain what you should do to improve your heroes or characters in AFK Arena.

Level up

The first thing we are going to do is level up the character, for that we must press the blue button so that our character improves. But you are going to need 3 very necessary objects so that you can level up your characters, without these objects it is impossible.

Gold: It is the common currency. Use the gold to level up your characters. You can acquire gold if you complete the campaign or receive rewards away from the keyboard (AFK).

Hero Experience: Essential for the development of your heroes. Use it in the hero menu to level up your heroes.

Essence of the Hero: You can get them through the rewards away from the keyboard (AFK), the daily quests or when removing the heroes. The Essence of the Hero is used to strengthen your heroes.

Sometimes your heroes, with the leveling up, will be able to unlock some active or passive skills that are blocked because they are low level.

Every time your hero levels up, he will improve some of his attributes, for example: Health, attack, defence. He can also improve some of the skills that he has already unlocked.

Provide equipment

We can equip our heroes with items to make them more powerful. These items have different attributes called “Equipment Powers”. These attributes can improve attack, life, defense, dodge among many others.

The quality of the objects differs by their color, making gray the worst and have the least attributes. The higher the level, the better items you’ll get.

The equipment can be obtained by completing campaign chapters or receiving rewards away from the keyboard (AFK).