AI-Generated Music Sample Packs: The Unique Output Software

Music-creation software company Output generates free sample packs based on text prompts. The packs are royalty-free and include 30 samples for use in various digital audio workstations. The algorithm mixes and resynthesizes pre-existing samples to create new sounds that match the text prompt. This tool was developed to help music-makers move quickly by eliminating the need to hunt for the perfect sample. Instead, users can simply input a text prompt and let the AI assistant do the rest. The tool also allows for more nuanced prompts, such as requesting samples in a particular key and tempo. Pack Generator is currently in beta but can be used now. This is the first available tool for Output’s Co-Producer suite of generative AI products. The company promises more to come throughout 2024.

One of the unique aspects of this tool is that it is trained solely on Output’s in-house sample library and does not pull from actual working artists, unlike most other AI products. It is not intended to replace artists, as it only creates sample packs. It remains to be seen how useful these AI-generated samples will be in real-world productions, but Pack Generator is available now, so it won’t take long to find out. Output has been a major player in the samples space for nearly a decade, offering meticulously crafted sound packs. The company also offers a plugin that lets users manipulate samples to create unique soundscapes.