Amazon Black Friday Deal: Seagate Expansion Cards for Xbox Series S/X at Record-Low Prices

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, most consoles have very limited onboard storage. If you’ve recently acquired more games due to Black Friday deals, you may need additional digital storage to accommodate them. The Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X and Series S by Seagate are currently available at discounted prices. The 1TB model is listed for $130, a 41% discount from its original price of $220. If the 1TB isn’t sufficient, the 2TB version is available at an 18% discount, priced at $230 from $280. Additionally, Western Digital’s 1TB C50 Storage Expansion Card for Xbox is available at a 17% discount, now priced at $125 from $150. These expansion cards double the storage capacity of the Xbox Series X, making them a practical investment for gamers. The Seagate and Western Digital cards operate similarly but have different connections. Seagate’s card connects via USB, while Western Digital’s card goes into the Xbox’s expansion slot. Seagate also offers a 2TB option, giving users more choices. If you’re eager to expand your gaming experience, now is the time to make a decision.