Amazon Seeks Dismissal of FTC Lawsuit Over Alleged Monopolistic Practices

In a motion filed on Friday in the Western Washington district court, Amazon requested the dismissal of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) antitrust lawsuit. The FTC, along with 17 state attorneys general, accuses Amazon of using monopolistic practices unfair to competitors and consumers. Amazon argues that the FTC did not provide evidence to support claims that its practices have led to higher prices or harmed consumers. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon engages in anti-competitive practices such as punishing sellers who list products at better prices elsewhere and coercing sellers to use Amazon’s fulfillment service. Amazon also stands accused of inflating prices from 2016-2018 using an algorithmic tool called Project Nessie. In its motion for dismissal, Amazon claims that it is simply participating in “common retail practices” that benefit consumers and promote competition. Amazon’s attorney, Heidi Hubbard, stated that the suit “implausibly and illogically assumes that Amazon’s efforts to keep featured prices low somehow raised consumer prices across the entire economy.”