Anticipating Android 14: Is Your Phone Next in Line?

Google may have officially released Android 14 at the start of October, but you may still be waiting for the update to arrive on your device. In recent years, the company has reduced the lag between the arrival of the latest Android version on its own Pixel phones and those from third-party partners. However, that gap still exists in 2023.

As of the writing of this article, many phone manufacturers are still beta testing their Android 14 skins. Engadget reached out to nearly every major phone manufacturer in the US market to find out how close they are to releasing a stable build of Android 14. This article will also answer if your phone will receive the new OS.

ASUS began publicly testing Android 14 in the US on October 10 on the Zenfone 10. The beta is only available on the company’s current flagship, and a stable version release date has not been provided.

Google released a stable build of Android 14 for much of the Pixel line in October. Starting with the Pixel 8 series, Google has promised to support future devices for seven years.

Huawei devices in the United States, Canada, and Europe will not receive access to Android 14, as the company has been cut off from official ties with Google.

Motorola will begin rolling out Android 14 to its phones in early 2024. The 2022 Edge, Edge+ and Edge 30 Fusion are the oldest devices the company plans to upgrade this time around.

Nothing recently began rolling out the second open beta of Nothing OS 2.5, which builds on Android 14 with a few features designed to extend the capabilities of the company’s signature Glyph interface.

OnePlus’ upcoming skin of Android 14, OxygenOS 14, does not currently have a release date, but the company is testing a beta version of OxygenOS 14 with users outside of the company.

Samsung began rolling out a stable build of its Android 14 skin, One UI 6, at the end of last month and offering four generations of OS updates on many of its recent devices.

Sony began rolling Android 14 to its flagship Xperia 1 V phone on November 6 with plans to roll out to other Xperia models, although the exact timing is not available.

Xiaomi was one of the first OEMs to roll out a stable release of Android 14 to its users, but the exact timeline for updating older devices is currently not available.