Be the First to Reserve Acura’s ZDX EV Today!

Acura has opened reservations for its first fully electric vehicle (EV). Now accepting orders, the Acura ZDX starts at around $60,000 for the base model with a single-motor (rear-wheel-drive) powertrain. The “performance SUV” is set to be delivered in early 2024.

The automaker announced earlier this year that Acura EVs will shift to online-only sales starting in 2024. The new ZDX preorders reflect this change, as the EVs will be sold through a “new, omni-channel digital sales process” that buyers can access at home, or receive assistance with at Acura dealers. However, the EVs will not be available at the dealership itself.

The ZDX comes in two models. The standard A-Spec variant, priced at $60,000 and up, has a 325-mile range, 340 horsepower, a rear-wheel-drive single motor, and 20-inch wheels. On the other hand, the all-wheel-drive ZDX Type S has a shorter 288-mile range but boasts a more powerful 500 horsepower, 22-inch wheels, and a starting price of around $70,000. Honda describes the pricier Type S as “the most powerful and best performing Acura SUV ever.”

The EV features Android Auto, built-in Google apps, and Apple CarPlay integration. It includes an 11-inch driver-side touchscreen, an 11.3-inch center display, and a Bang & Olufsen audio system. Safety features include a rear pedestrian alert and blind zone steering assist, as well as hands-free cruise driver assistance.

The ZDX supports DC Fast Charging, capable of adding 81 miles through a 10-minute top-off. Honda has also collaborated with six other automakers to build a network of 30,000 stations across North America, set to begin in the US by the summer of 2024.

Orders for the ZDX can be placed in Acura’s online reservations portal. Pre-orders will come with a bonus Acura Energy Key Card, which offers “exclusive benefits,” including “discounts to Acura entertainment partners and special events.”