BeReal: Tags, Private Groups, and 2023 Recap

BeReal is set to launch new features for its award-winning app, which won Apple’s 2022 iPhone App of the Year. The company aims to set itself apart by encouraging spontaneous authenticity through randomly timed two-minute windows for taking selfies. Now, they are introducing a feature similar to Apple’s Live Photos, along with invite-only groups, tags, and 2023 recaps for the “Your friends for real” platform.

The new Live Photos-esque feature is called Behind the Scenes (BTS). Similar to Apple’s version, BTS captures a brief video before taking a static shot. After posting, friends can long-press on the shot to see the short video clip. BTS is an opt-in feature so users can choose to participate, and they have the option to toggle it on and off.

On the other hand, RealGroups are exclusive, invite-only groups. In these new communities, group creators can manage the “Time to BeReal” notification, which alerts users when it’s time to take a selfie. This offers users a level of control over the app’s main feature for the first time. RealGroups will also support private chat and private BeReals between members. The company has stated that its Live Photos clone and groups are the “most community-requested features” on the platform.

Like big tech companies such as Apple, Spotify, YouTube Music, and various social platforms, BeReal will offer a 2023 recap feature. This feature is described as “a custom experience that users can record and share anywhere they want,” along with promotional hashtags.

Lastly, the app’s new tagging feature allows users to notify their friends to ensure they see their daily selfies. With over 25 million daily active users, there should be no shortage of recipients for these tags.