Beyond Good & Evil Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Special Edition Release

A 20th-anniversary edition of Beyond Good & Evil is set to launch in early 2024. Details about the remaster appeared on the Xbox Store, and an incomplete version of the game was briefly available on Ubisoft Plus. Ubisoft acknowledged the game’s existence and promised official details later. The since-deleted synopsis promised “up to 4K, 60 fps with improved graphics, controls, and audio, along with new autosave and cross-save features.”

Ubisoft apologized for the early release of the game to some Ubisoft+ subscribers, and assured the community that this version is not indicative of the final game. The deleted Xbox Store blurb promised a speed run mode, updated achievements, and an anniversary gallery with behind-the-scenes glimpses. The game also supports Smart Delivery for Xbox hardware.

The official launch of Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition is set for early 2024, with promises to honor the legacy of the original. Beyond Good & Evil, released in 2003, was a critically acclaimed commercial flop due to its tackling of heavy subjects at a sensitive time in US history. Although the game wasn’t a financial success, it was praised for its gameplay and atmosphere.

Fans may be excited about the anniversary edition, but it’s not the franchise news they were hoping for. Beyond Good & Evil 2, teased in 2008 and officially announced in 2017, has yet to materialize. Despite reassurances of progress, reports indicate it is still in pre-production as of 2022.