Black Friday Deal: Amazon Echo Show 5 Marked Down to $40, Lowest Price Yet

The Echo Show 5 smart display is on sale for $40, which is more than 50 percent off the typical MSRP of $90. The sale applies to various colorways, including white, charcoal, and blue.

This discount is only for the device itself, so you’ll have to pay extra for accessories like a stand. The Echo Show 5 finds a lot of use as a smart home controller, and Amazon also sells bundles that ship with smart light bulbs, the Blink Mini security camera, and an Alexa Emergency Assist subscription.

The Echo Show 5 easily made our list of the best smart displays in 2023 for a number of reasons. The diminutive 5.5-inch screen makes it easy to place just about anywhere in the home and allows it to double as a highly useful alarm clock. The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness, and there’s a handy tap-to-snooze function. There’s even a sunrise alarm feature that slowly brightens the screen.

The smart home controls are handy if you have plenty of installed gadgets throughout the home. The Echo Show 5 is also a decent option for video calling, thanks to the integrated camera system. If the idea of an always-on smart display with a camera makes you feel a bit icky, it ships with a physical cover.

For those who balk at the relatively small 5.5-inch display size, Amazon is also selling the much larger Echo Show 10 for $160 as part of the same Black Friday deal, representing a savings of $90.