Bringing Back the Heyday of Music Gaming: The Fortnite Festival

Epic Games is releasing a new social space mode called Fortnite Festival. In this mode, players can team up to perform favorite songs or jam together on new mixes. The mode includes two stages: the main stage (championship stage) and the jam stage. The main stage offers a Rock Band-like experience where players can form a band with friends and perform songs using a standard music game format. The jam stage is a collaborative feature that draws from Harmonix’s mixing titles, Dropmix and Fuser. In this stage, players can mix and match different parts of popular songs.

The virtual world in Fortnite Festival has a fun amusement park-like feel and features stages, clubs, and green spaces. Players can start jamming by choosing a song and an instrument from the emote wheel. To create a complete song, players can collaborate with others by mixing songs together in different genres or styles. Instruments can be swapped out on the fly, and the key and tempo can also be adjusted to create unique mixes.

One key advantage of Fortnite Festival over its predecessors, Dropmix and Fuser, is that it’s free. This free access to a music game with licensed music has the potential to make music games popular again without the additional costs of song packs. This could make it more accessible to a wider audience.