Copilot: Microsoft’s Renamed AI-Powered Bing Chat

Microsoft is rebranding Bing Chat to “Copilot,” and Bing Chat Enterprise will become “Copilot Pro,” available starting December 1. It will remain free for specific Microsoft 365 licenses, including F3 accounts for frontline workers. A $5-a-month standalone subscription will also be available that day.

Copilot Pro is based on OpenAI’s latest models, GPT-4 and DALL-E 3, and Microsoft assures that it will not save prompts and responses or use customer chats for model training. Additionally, Copilot for Microsoft 365 will offer more personalization options, allowing users to set their preferred formatting, style and tone in Word and PowerPoint.

In Teams, Copilot will gain the ability to take notes during meetings and provide on-the-fly answers without transcription. It can also list and visualize Teams discussions in a collaborative Whiteboard space. In Outlook, Copilot will create summaries of events by analyzing invitation details, related emails, and documents. And in Word, users will soon be able to ask Copilot to discern the latest changes to a document.

Microsoft’s Ignite announcements also include its new in-house AI chips, the Azure Maia AI Accelerator and Azure Cobalt CPU.