Designing Your Business Card


A lot of people make the incorrect assumption that only people that work white-collar and/or corporate jobs need to have business cards, and that is not the case. It doesn’t matter if you work as a lawyer, a baker, a librarian, or a dry cleaner because you will still need a business card regardless. Business cards are considered to be an important way to make contacts and connections because passing your card in different circles allows for different opportunities.

If you are now going to get a business card made, then you want to do it right. Traditional business cards use paper, but other materials are also being used now, with metal being the most popular choice. If you are interested in metal business cards, you can check out Metal Kards, and if you want tips to help you design your business card, you can keep on reading below.

  • You do not want your business card to look outrageous (unless you happen to be a party planner or in a field where outlandishness is the norm), so opt for a neutral color background.
  • The same principle applies to the text of your business card. It is tempting to opt for the fancy font or cursive, but you should ideally go for a font where the letters are easily distinguishable and readable.

  • You do not need to add too many details to your business card. Your company name, your full name and designation, and your email or phone number are enough. You want to give important information without unnecessary details.
  • The decision of whether or not you want a border around your business card is a personal choice so that you will decide on your own.
  • Keep in mind that people look for immediate answers, and your business card should ideally include all of the necessary information clearly and concisely.