Electro’s Solar-Powered Puzzle: The Future of Microvan Cuteness in the US

Japanese electric vehicle (EV) maker HW Electro (HWE) plans to bring its Puzzle to the US market in 2025. The delightfully boxy electric vehicle is more “kei van” than kei car, featuring rooftop solar panels and equipment for commercial disaster relief, including a crowbar. However, it’s also appealing for those looking for a charming EV with a minimal environmental footprint. The Puzzle is on track to be HWE’s first vehicle available in the US.

HWE CEO Xiao Weicheng stated that the Puzzle “embodies HWE’s core values of sustainability, connectivity, and social contribution.” The vehicle’s rooftop solar panels could potentially allow owners to drive it for extended periods without needing to plug in. Additionally, it comes equipped with emergency features such as power outlets, photovoltaic panels, built-in WiFi, USB ports, a first aid kit, and a crowbar, all located on the exterior of the vehicle.

The Puzzle was unveiled at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show and is anticipated to be available in the US by 2025. Weicheng expressed his belief that “a new world begins” with the introduction of the Puzzle.

Featuring a two-person cabin, the Puzzle is considerably smaller than many EVs in the US. It aligns with Japan’s regulatory definition of a kei car, making it ideal for tight roadways and limited parking spaces. The vehicle has a cargo capacity of 770 lbs, 15-inch wheels, and sliding rear doors for easy cargo management. Its sole passenger seat can be folded down to increase hauling capacity or used as a work surface when not in use.

While HWE has not disclosed the Puzzle’s price or maximum speed, it has been reported that its lithium iron phosphate battery will offer a 125-mile range.

As the EV market continues to evolve, the Puzzle’s arrival in 2025 may coincide with changes in consumer demand and industry projections. With growing concern about climate change, the demand for environmentally friendly transportation options is expected to increase in the coming years.