Enhanced Features for Amazon’s Newest Echo Buds: Tap-to-Start Playlists and More

Amazon’s Echo Buds have received new features through a software update, with most of these tools only accessible for the recently-released 2023 lineup of earbuds. One of the new features allows users to tap the earbuds to start a recommended playlist without needing to use their phone or speak out loud to ask Alexa for assistance. This can be done through a triple tap or a single long press, which can be adjusted in the settings of the associated Alexa app. The feature works with major streaming platforms and can be accessed through the “Tap Controls” in the Echo Buds device settings.

Another new feature is an audio personalization tool that allows users to adjust the sound to better suit their physical environment and the content they are consuming. This can be used to accentuate the bass during activities like walking or to provide a fuller sound while watching movies on a laptop. Users can access the audio personalization options in the Echo Buds device settings via the Alexa app and can even adjust each ear independently. This feature is available for both the 2023 model and the 2021 second-gen Echo Buds. The setup process takes approximately four minutes.