Evernote’s Policy Change: Free Users Restricted to 50 Notes and One Notebook

Evernote has officially confirmed that its new free plan will be limited to 50 notes and one notebook starting on December 4. This change will affect both new and current accounts. Existing free users who exceed these limits will still have access to their notes but will need to upgrade to a paid plan or delete old notes to create new ones. The company stated that the majority of free users are already within these limits and that most users’ everyday experience will remain unchanged.

Evernote’s premium plans, which are now necessary for regular use, include a $15 monthly Personal plan with 10GB of monthly uploads. There is also an $18 tier that offers 20GB and other perks. Annual versions of these plans are also available for $130 and $170, respectively.

The company acknowledged that these changes may lead users to reconsider their relationship with Evernote. Some alternatives with more generous free plans include Notion, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Bear (for Apple devices only), Obsidian, and SimpleNote.

Earlier this year, Evernote’s parent company, Bending Spoons, moved its operations from the US and Chile to Europe, resulting in layoffs for nearly all of Evernote’s employees. This move was made because the app had been “unprofitable for years.”