Expanded Self-Repair Program: iPhone 15 and M2-Powered Macs Included

Apple announced that iPhone 15 and M2-powered Mac users can now fix their own devices as part of the expanded Self Service Repair program. This expansion follows the earlier inclusion of iPhone 14 models and M2-powered laptops. The DIY repair roster now includes the entire iPhone 15 lineup, the Mac Pro, Mac Studio, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the 15-inch MacBook Air, among others. Additionally, Apple is bringing the program to 24 new countries, expanding the initiative to a total of 33 nations.

A new diagnostic tool has also been introduced to help users troubleshoot issues. This web-based tool is available in the US and can directly test for common problems, provided that the device is in Diagnostics mode and its serial number is entered into the site. The tool can test for issues with the display, software integration, audio output, camera functionality, and Face ID, with more tests to come.

Apple’s decision to expand DIY repair options may be a response to pressure from governments mandating right-to-repair laws. This move potentially helps the company avoid legal difficulties, although it still needs to solidify its right-to-repair commitment. Despite the motives behind the expansion, the availability of additional DIY repair options is welcome for users.