Explore New Worlds and Clean Up in December’s PlayStation Plus Games: Sable and PowerWash Simulator

The December PlayStation Plus monthly games lineup has been unveiled by Sony, and it’s quite exciting. The lineup doesn’t have a clear standout game, but it includes three interesting games: the visually stunning open-world exploration game Sable and the cleaning-focused Powerwash Simulator.

First up is Sable, a game that has been highly anticipated for years due to its striking graphical style. Described as a “coming-of-age adventure and exploration game,” it follows the story of the protagonist, Sable, as she rides a hoverbike through vast deserts and enigmatic landscapes while discovering the remains of ancient artifacts and spaceships. The game features incredible art and a soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast. It is only available for PS5.

Next is Powerwash Simulator, a cleaning simulation game that challenges players to remove grime from a variety of objects, including famous vehicles like Delorean from Back to the Future and Midgar from Final Fantasy VII. The majority of the game is set in the town of Muckingham and offers numerous upgrade options for power washers, as well as online co-op play. Although relaxing, the gameplay is more complex than it appears at first. It is available for both PS4 and PS5.

Lastly, there’s Lego 2K Drive, an open-world driving game featuring entirely Lego vehicles. With races scattered throughout the game, players can also create their own vehicles using virtual blocks. The game offers local couch co-op and online play, with access to the entire game map in the latter. Both PS4 and PS5 players can enjoy this game.

PlayStation Plus members have until December 4 to download Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and Aliens Fireteam Elite, as these games are set to leave the service.