Explore the Outer Wilds on Nintendo Switch this December!

Scheduled for release on December 7, the Switch version of Outer Wilds has been eagerly awaited for a while now. Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital, announced the release date and the availability of pre-orders for the digital version. Physical editions are anticipated to be available in early 2024. Despite being accessible on various platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, the Switch version faced delays. Such issues have been common among third-party publishers navigating Nintendo Switch ports. Priced at $25, the standalone edition of Outer Wilds and the Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition that includes the Echoes of the Eye expansion can be acquired by Nintendo Switch users. Both editions are presently on sale for 20% until December 12th. The game immerses users in space exploration, where they find themselves stuck in a time loop and must resolve the mystery before the sun goes supernova, restarting the cycle.