Facebook Messenger Introduces Default End-to-End Encryption for Chats and Calls

Today, Meta revealed “the biggest set of enhancements to Messenger since its launch in 2011.” End-to-end encryption is now the default for private chats and calls on Messenger and Facebook. secured communication can’t be spied on by others, not even by Meta. Messenger will ask users to set up a PIN once updated. The global rollout may take a few months due to the app’s billion users. End-to-end encryption became an option for Messenger in 2016, but Meta is stepping up its safety efforts. Messenger is also getting improved image quality for photos and videos, with HD media sharing coming in the future. Other new features include message edit within 15 minutes of sending, voice message playback speed options, continued voice message playback outside the chat or app, read receipts control, and disappearing messages after 24 hours.