Feline Communication: NASA Sends Cat Video from Deep Space to Earth

A video of Taters the cat traveled across deep space from the Psyche spacecraft back to Earth, a successful demonstration of new laser communication technology by NASA. The signal from the video, sent on December 11, made it to Earth in 101 seconds. This data speed through space is faster than most broadband connections on Earth. Apple has reportedly started negotiating with major publishers and news organizations to use their content to train its generative AI system. The company is offering multi-year deals worth at least $50 million to the publishers. They are showing willingness to pay and asking for permission to use the content, building goodwill in the process. The next-gen wearable, Humane Ai Pin, is expected to start shipping in March. Mint Mobile, a prepaid mobile carrier, notified customers that their information may have been stolen in a recent security breach. The stolen information includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, and SIM and IMEI numbers, but did not include credit card information or passwords.