Formula E: Shockwave set to debut on Roku in January

Motorsport fans eagerly anticipating behind-the-scenes insights should mark January 2, 2024, on their calendar. The third season of the unscripted reality show Unplugged will debut on the Roku Channel on that date. This marks the first time the show will be available on Formula E’s new streaming home, providing fans worldwide with an opportunity to watch.

The debut of Unplugged on Roku will occur just 11 days before the start of the motorsport’s tenth season with the Mexico E-Prix on January 13. This race will also be streamed on Roku as the platform expands into live sports.

The upcoming season of Unplugged will cover the events of the 2022-23 Formula E campaign, including a title race that was decided on the final weekend. The eight-episode season will also showcase some of the motorsport’s technological advancements, such as the challenges that drivers faced.

For those in need of a refresher on the last Formula E campaign, or for those who simply want to rewatch the action, all races from the first nine seasons of the motorsport are available for streaming. Additionally, every Season 10 race will be available on the platform, albeit one week after each event. Paramount+ and CBS will also air races live this season, along with Roku.