Get a 4-Pack of Apple AirTags for Only $79!

Currently, a bundle of four Apple AirTags is on sale at Amazon for an exceptional price that is lower than what it was offered for during the Black Friday sale. The four-pack is now available for just $79, which is 20 percent less than its retail price of $99 and just a bit more than its all-time low. This is a fantastic deal if you are in the market for AirTags to keep track of multiple belongings such as bags, suitcases, wallets, and keys that you could potentially misplace. AirTags connect with your iPhone and iPad with a simple tap, allowing you to track items through the Find My app. They emit Bluetooth signals, allowing them to be tracked by nearby Apple devices also connected to the Find My network. With the prevalence of iPhones in the market, the likelihood of finding lost items is high. You can also utilize the built-in speaker on the AirTag to play a sound if you believe the item is nearby. Additionally, on newer iPhone models, you can use Precision Finding to determine the direction and distance to your AirTag. If the item is truly lost or misplaced, you can put the AirTag in lost mode to receive instant notifications when it is detected by devices on the Find My network. If a single AirTag is all you need, it is currently available for $24 at Amazon, which is 17 percent less than its retail price. However, considering the unbeatable bundle price, it’s a better deal to opt for the bundle if you anticipate needing multiple AirTags. For the latest tech deals and buying advice, follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter.