Get Apple’s AirPods Pro with USB-C for Just $190 Today

Apple’s AirPods Pro are back on sale for $190 at Amazon, Target and Best Buy. The offer applies to latest version of the earphones, which comes with a USB-C charging case as standard. For reference, Apple normally sells the pair for $249, though it’s almost always gone for less at third-party retailers since arriving last September. The second-gen AirPods Pro are the “best for iOS” pick in our guide to the best wireless earbuds. We gave the Lightning-based model a score of 88 in our review back in September 2022. This USB-C model adds slightly improved dust resistance and lossless audio support with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset on top of the new charging port but is effectively identical otherwise. If you’re an iPhone owner the AirPods Pro’s call quality and six-hour battery life are just OK and its sound isn’t as customizable as competing models. At this price, the USB-C AirPods Pro remain a solid value for Apple diehards in search of a new pair of premium wireless earphones.