Get the Beta Version of the Highly Customizable Arc Browser for Windows Now

Arc, a once Mac-exclusive internet browser from The Browser Company, is making its way to Windows. The company announced that it is now sending out its first Windows beta invites to eager users, after being bombarded with requests from Windows users wanting to test out Arc. The Browser Company revealed that there were already over 500,000 signups on the Windows waitlist back in September, with the number expected to grow as the waitlist remains open.

According to reports from TechCrunch, The Browser Company intends to continue its onboarding process throughout the month, with plans to rapidly increase invitation roll-outs in the new year. While it’s unclear if the Windows version will have all the same standout features as the Mac version, features such as Peek and Little Arc are currently being ported over. As the Windows version is still in beta, users may notice some missing features, but they can expect updates along the way.

The Browser Company describes Arc as a vastly improved way to browse the internet, aiming to provide a cleaner, calmer experience for users to better organize their online time. Some of Arc’s unique features include the ability to customize any website and a sidebar for bookmark and tab organization. Arc also helps prevent clutter by archiving open tabs, as well as allowing users to create spaces for individual projects.

Overall, Arc offers a number of unique features that set it apart from other browsers, and Windows users who have been patiently waiting will finally get the chance to try it out once they receive an invitation from the waitlist.