Get the Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer for Just $80 in Amazon’s Black Friday Sale!

The Instant Vortex Plus air fryer is currently on sale for $80 on Amazon, representing a 33 percent discount from its usual price of around $200. This is the lowest price ever for this 6-quart model. The Vortex Plus is considered one of the best air fryers by Engadget, featuring intuitive controls, easy cleaning, and enough capacity to cook four chicken thighs. It also includes five other cooking modes: roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate. While this discounted model does not include the OdorErase feature, it still offers great performance for the price. The air fryer is versatile and can be used for a variety of cooking tasks, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen. For anyone considering purchasing an air fryer, this discounted price makes the Vortex Plus an attractive option. Additionally, for those interested in Black Friday deals, there is a wealth of coverage and information available to guide shoppers in finding the best deals.