God of War Ragnarok: Free Roguelite Expansion Arriving Next Week

The game God of War Ragnarok is so large that it has a whole second game tucked inside. Still, it seems not enough Norse action for Kratos. Sony revealed a Valhalla-centric expansion for the 2022 hit at The Game Awards. The expansion is free and coming next week, on December 12, to both PS4 and PS5 versions of the base game. Sony is leaning into the roguelite format with the expansion, much like with the No Return mode in the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. The expansion will dig into a new part of Kratos’ story and act as an epilogue. Players will have to contend with fresh combinations of enemies and surprises on each run, while earning resources for permanent upgrades. Temporary perks and access to Kratos’ skill trees from the main game will be available. There are also five difficulty settings and extensive accessibility options. The DLC will lead into the next game in the series, and it is recommended to finish the base game’s main story before jumping into the new expansion. The fact that it will be available at no extra cost and so soon is a nice holiday treat for fans.