Google Agrees to Pay $5 Billion to Settle Lawsuit Over Tracking Incognito Chrome Users

Google’s Chrome has long featured a Incognito mode. A lawsuit in 2020 accused it of tracking Chrome users’ activities in Incognito mode. Google has agreed to settle the complaint. The lawsuit’s plaintiffs revealed internal emails showing conversations between Google execs, proving that the company monitored Incognito browser usage to sell ads and track web traffic. Xiaomi has made an electric vehicle, the — pronounced “soo-chee” in Chinese — is a sedan that will come in two flavors: the dual-motor all-wheel-drive SU7 Max, and the single-motor rear-wheel-drive SU7. Xiaomi claims the SU7 Max has a range of up to 800km and a 0-100km/h acceleration of just 2.78s. The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are back on sale. A temporary pause has been granted on an import and sales ban. The article contains affiliate links.