How to find the best models of Air Purifier?

How to find the best models of Air Purifier?

If you are looking for the best air purifier, then you can find many top rated brands available in the market. From among them, HomeLabs is the best and top rated brand and they have a wide range of models available to choose from. The following are the very good homelabs air purifier systems along with best features and benefits. Here, you can get the review of HomeLabs True HEPA air purifier along with its top features.

Best HomeLabs True HEPA air purifier:

HomeLabs True HEPA air purifier is the best air purifier for your house in order to enhance the best air quality and it is an ideal model for everyone. It can be very helpful to improve any asthma symptoms and it will also reduce any related airborne diseases. This air purifier helps everyone sleep better and it gets rid of all types of unpleasant odours. Inside this air purifier, you can also get the HEPA, activated carbon filter, and also the pre-filter powerful that means it will remove around 99.97 % of all tiniest pieces of particles and debris found in the air. Such filters will run for around 2100 hours that is nearly 3 months when on medium and low fan modes before requiring to be replaced. The following are the main features of this HomeLabs air purifier and thy include,

Portable & clean design

Ideal air purifier system for usage on the nightstand

Free return or exchange within 30 days when you order it online

1 year warranty

How HomeLabs True HEPA air purifier works?

Whenever the house owners are considering the size and design of the HomeLabs True HEPA model air purifier, it usually measures 8 x 7.8 inches in size with the design which is easy to use. It is smaller enough to be placed even on your nightstand or desk to help you sleep better. This best homelabs air purifier usually has 3 filters which will clean the surrounding air after it is switched on and get rid of all tiniest particles and debris from the air. Once the air inside your room has been pulled into this air purifier machine, it goes via the pre-filter, then HEPA filter, and then finally an activated carbon one to get out of everything. By this way, it will ensure that the air pushed back into the house or room would be free of odours and particles. The following are the 3 filters used in this air purifier including,


The pre-filter is the one which is the finer one which can confine any of the small to large particles in the air such as fur, lint, large dust, and also air. It can also help to extend the lifespan of your HEPA filter.


It is the core filter of this air purifier device removing 99.7 % of all particles which are 0.3 microns in size.

Activated carbon

It is the major in charge of reducing the odours which come from cooking, smoking, and also pets.