IKEA’s Innovative Smart Home Sensors prioritize Security and Water Damage Prevention

IKEA has released a trio of new affordable smart home sensors designed to keep your home safe and comfortable. The Parasoll door and window sensor can be mounted on any access point and sends notifications if opened or closed unexpectedly. It also pairs with an IKEA smart bulb. The Vallhorn wireless motion sensor activates lights when movement is detected and can control up to 10 IKEA smart bulbs. The Barding water leakage sensor alerts you to any unwanted water before it becomes a problem. All the sensors are small and white, blending in seamlessly with your home decor. They are compatible with IKEA’s Dirigera Hub, with the Vallhorn also working with the older Tradfri gateway. The new sensors are set to be released in the US in 2024, with prices ranging from €7.99 to €9.99. These sensors are part of IKEA’s efforts to provide customers with peace of mind and greater control and comfort in their homes.