Improving AI: Google’s Bard Chatbot Enhances Understanding of YouTube Videos

Google has expanded the capabilities of its Bard AI chatbot to allow for deeper, more meaningful conversations about YouTube videos. With the latest update, Bard’s YouTube extension now enables the generative AI to “understand some video content.” For example, users can ask Bard specific questions about a video, such as the number of eggs used in a recipe or the name of tools in DIY videos. Additionally, Bard may be able to provide information about restaurant locations and the origins of specific cuisines discussed in food reviews.

This update comes after Bard gained the ability to access data from YouTube in September, as part of its integration with other Google products. However, the chatbot previously could not parse a video’s content or answer detailed questions about it. Google stated that the update was in response to users’ desire for deeper engagement with YouTube videos. It also indicated that this is just the first step in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos, suggesting that the technology may become even more adept at analyzing videos on the platform in the future. To engage in conversations with Bard about YouTube videos, users must enable the YouTube extension on the chatbot’s web portal.