Innovative iPad Cases: The Top Choices for 2024

If your new iPad is always by your bedside or travels with you in your backpack, it’s essential to protect it with a case, especially if you have kids who love to sneak it away. While it’s impossible to shield your tech from every accident, a protective cover can increase its chance of survival. With numerous iPad cases to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

Otterbox Symmetry 360
Otterbox’s Symmetry Series 360 cases combine protection and design, resembling Apple’s Smart Cover. The clear, scratch-resistant back is sturdy without adding weight, with substantial edge protection. These cases include a flap that keeps the screen cover closed, and even holds the second-generation Apple Pencil for iPad Pros. The Symmetry Folio offshoot includes a dedicated sleeve for the Apple Pencil on the front cover.

ProCase iPad cases
ProCase offers iPad covers similar to Apple’s Smart Cover, with the Thin Hard Protective Smart Folio providing extra protection for your tablet. These cases are compatible with all current and some older iPad models, at an affordable price starting at $13.

Otterbox Defender series
For maximum protection, Otterbox’s Defender series is the way to go. These rugged cases pass more than 24 shock, abrasion, and drop tests, with a built-in screen protector and covers for the single port on all latest iPad models. The Shield Stand is detachable and can also prop up your iPad for better viewing.

Apple Magic Keyboard
Apple’s own Magic Keyboard turns your tablet into a laptop replacement, with an adjustable viewing angle and a sturdy keyboard. The glass trackpad is wide enough for gestures, but does not provide a lot of drop protection. It comes with a hefty price tag starting at $259.

Logitech Combo Touch
Logitech’s Combo Touch is a versatile and more affordable alternative to the Magic Keyboard. It has a built-in kickstand for adjustable viewing angles, a backlit keyboard, multi-touch trackpad, and a spot for your Apple Pencil. Available in various sizes to fit the latest iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models.

Should you keep your iPad in case?
Yes, it’s almost always a good idea to keep your iPad in a case to protect it against hazards and accidents, especially considering the high cost of iPads.

What is the difference between an iPad case and an iPad cover?
All iPad covers are cases, but not all iPad cases are covers. Most iPad covers are cases that surround the back of your tablet and have a flap that covers the screen, providing protection for the body and display. And while many cases also have screen covers, you can opt for one that only hugs the back of the tablet for a thinner and lighter profile.

How often should I charge my iPad?
The frequency of charging your iPad will depend on your usage. Charging it overnight is a good rule of thumb to ensure it’s topped up for the next day.