Internal Memo Clears Sam Altman of Wrongdoing in OpenAI Firing

According to reports from Axios and The New York Times, an internal memo sent to OpenAI staff on Saturday indicates that former CEO Sam Altman’s sudden firing was due to breakdown in communication, rather than financial or other concerns. The memo, sent by OpenAI’s Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap, follows Altman’s dismissal from his role as CEO and from the company’s board of directors. The board cited Altman’s lack of transparency in its decision, leading to speculation and confusion about the reasons behind the move. In response, OpenAI’s former president, Greg Brockan, announced his own resignation, and three senior researchers followed suit. Reports have since emerged about Altman’s plans for a new venture, potentially involving other former OpenAI executives. The shakeup may also affect the sale of employee shares, which are reportedly valued at around $86 billion. Altman’s cryptic tweet on Saturday added to the uncertainty surrounding the situation.