Introducing a New Pixel Mode for Data Protection During Device Repairs

Google has unveiled a new feature for Pixel devices, aimed at protecting user data during the repair process. By activating this feature, users can prevent technicians from deleting and restoring their data while making it easier for them to run diagnostics. This repair mode is available on devices running the latest Android 14 update with at least 2GB of spare storage. To activate the feature, users can go to Settings > System > Repair mode and follow the prompts. Google advises users to always backup their data before any repair service, despite the protection offered by repair mode.

Additionally, Google has introduced a new diagnostic app accessible from the Pixel device’s Phone app. This app is designed to provide users with a better understanding of their device’s issues before a repair, as well as to check its functionality post-repair. To run the diagnostics, users can enter #*#7287#*# in the Phone app’s keypad.

In addition to these software features, Google is also working to make it easier for users to get professional repairs for their Pixel devices. The company began offering legitimate Pixel parts and repair manuals last year, and now through a new platform. Users can find information on ordering parts and accessing repair manuals through this platform. Currently, repair manuals are available directly from Google in English and French for certain devices, with plans to expand to more devices and languages in the future.