Introducing Google Photos’ innovative AI-enhanced tools for organizing your photo collection

Google Photos is making it easier to declutter your photo library. Now, the app will automatically identify similar photos taken in quick succession and group them together, streamlining your library. The service will also choose a top pick to represent the moment, but users have the option to manually select their preferred image or turn off the grouping feature altogether.

Additionally, Google Photos will automatically organize your pictures, sorting IDs, receipts, and tickets into separate albums. This feature seems long overdue, considering Google Photos’ proficiency in recognizing image content. The app even allows users to add events to their calendar directly from screenshots or photos of tickets.

These new features are driven by AI, which has been increasingly integrated into Google’s products. Google Photos has long relied on AI to recognize the content of stored images. Recent AI-powered additions to the app include personalized scrapbook montages and the ability to make edits, such as removing unwanted people or objects from photos.