Introducing the Advanced ‘Pixie’ AI Assistant on Google’s Pixel 9

According to a report from The Information, Google is preparing to launch a more advanced Android AI assistant called Pixie, which will debut alongside the Pixel 9 phone. This new assistant will be powered by Google’s Gemini large language model (LLM), allowing it to carry out complex and multimodal tasks such as providing directions to the nearest store where a product photographed on the smartphone can be bought.

Pixie will be exclusive to Google’s Pixel devices and will leverage data from Google products like Gmail and Maps, enabling it to become a more personalized version of the Google Assistant. This AI assistant appears to be a separate product from Google’s Assistant with Bard, which was showcased at Made By Google in October.

The report indicates that Google is rapidly adjusting its AI roadmap to compete with rival OpenAI. Just last week, the company announced Gemini AI as a response to GPT-4, labeling it as the most capable model ever built. Gemini will be integrated into Android through a new product called Nano, providing new capabilities such as summarizing conversations and calls without requiring an internet connection.

Notably, Gemini was unveiled as an integrated multimodal AI, offering a more comprehensive understanding of various inputs compared to existing multimodal models. Powered by Gemini, Pixie is set to become a highly advanced personal assistant compared to Google Assistant. Gemini will also drive the next generation of Bard, Google’s AI chat assistant.

However, with the introduction of various AI offerings such as Pixie, Bard, Gemini, Nano, Pro, and Ultra, Google’s AI product family may be difficult for consumers to comprehend. In contrast, OpenAI has maintained relative simplicity with GPT-4 as its LLM, ChatGPT as the chat assistant, and DALL-E as the image generator. Despite Google’s innovative AI offerings, it may be challenging for consumers to stay abreast of the company’s diverse product range.
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