Introducing the Latest Addition to Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 Field: The Nifty Bit Crusher Effect

The Teenage Engineer’s OP-1 Field synthesizer/groovebox/thingamajig has received a significant system update with software version 1.5.0. This update includes a new effect called Terminal, which is a bit crusher, adding distortion to the synthesizer for the first time. The OP-1 Field has always been known for its effects lineup, but has never had a bit crusher or a way to add color through distortion before. The update makes it easier to merge tracks with the new “tape merge drop” tool, allowing users to combine audio from copied tracks into one track more efficiently. Teenage Engineering has a history of supporting the OP-1 line, with previous updates and additions such as the vocoder for the Field. The new OP-1 Field update is available now, following a busy month for the company which included the launch of the EP-133 sampler.