Kia Unveils Cutting-edge EV Concepts with Geometric Designs and Futuristic Cabin Ambiance

Kia’s Concept EVs have often garnered more attention than usual due to their tendency to incorporate many ideas found in the final production models. The company recently revealed the Concept EV3 and Concept EV4, embracing its “Opposites Unite” design philosophy, focusing on interior vibes, geometric shapes, and sustainable materials.

The small crossover Concept EV3 appears more production-ready, with Kia claiming it “offers the technology, practicality, and design” of their flagship SUV, the EV9. Sporting bold, futuristic design and distinct geometric patterns, the EV3 features octagonal wheel wells that dramatically flare out from the body, echoing those shapes in the side skirts and taillights.

The windshield is pushed forward to open up interior space, and Kia touts an “unexpected treatment of volumes and graphics,” creating a logical yet emotional design. The company highlighted the interior’s emphasis on a transformative cabin ambiance, with a nearly button-free layout, a horizontal screen mounted on top, an oval steering wheel, and real mirrors. Kia also emphasized the use of fiber weave materials and bioplastics to make the cabin inviting and modern.

The Concept EV4 boasts a clean-sheet design with an emphasis on sportiness and strong geometric shapes, featuring a low nose, long-tail silhouette, wide stance, and a technical roof spoiler. Inside, the interior is similar to the Concept EV3 but incorporates an HVAC user interface that can be neatly stored in the center console when not in use.

Kia didn’t delve into the power, battery, or other powertrain features of either car, positioning them as test cases to gauge public reaction. Steven Center, Kia America’s COO, expressed the company’s interest in gathering feedback from EV consumers, hinting at the possibility of these designs appearing as real production vehicles later on.