Latest Chrome update introduces changes to Memory Saver and tab group features in Google’s browser technology

Google Chrome is receiving upgrades to its Safety Check and Memory Saver features in the latest version (M12). Safety Check will now alert users to compromised passwords, potentially harmful extensions, outdated Chrome versions, and permissions requiring attention. The feature will run automatically in the background and provide alerts at the top of the browser’s menu. It can also revoke sites’ permissions and highlight sites that spam users with notifications.

Memory Saver mode, introduced in 2022 and made available to everyone earlier this year, frees memory from unused open tabs. It now provides more detail about the active tab’s usage and offers the ability to specify sites to keep active. Furthermore, users can now save tab groups, allowing them to shut down a group of tabs and return to them later.

Google says the new security and performance features will roll out this week, while saved tab groups will launch over the next few weeks.