LG Display Unveils Groundbreaking 480Hz OLED Gaming Panel at CES

LG has revealed that it will unveil a new 27-inch 480Hz QHD OLED gaming display at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The company claims that this is a first in the industry and marks a “new era of OLEDS.” Developed by LG Display, this panel will not be available for purchase, but rather will be sold to other companies for use in upcoming gaming monitors. The display boasts a rapid refresh rate of 480Hz and a resolution of 2560×1440, along with a response time of just 0.03ms, which LG claims is the fastest of any panel currently on the market.

The display also features LG’s proprietary META technology, which uses a micro lens array to maximize light emission and minimize external reflections, particularly in darker gameplay environments. Additionally, LG states that the display emits the lowest level of blue light in the industry, at approximately half the amount emitted by standard LCDs, in order to reduce eye fatigue and flicker.

According to LG Display, the panel will start appearing in products in the first half of the year, although partner companies have not yet been announced. In addition to this 480Hz panel, LG is also showcasing a new monitor at CES 2024 that runs at 480Hz in HD and 240Hz in 4K.