LG’s Innovative AI Robot: Your Pet-sitter on Two Legs

LG is set to roll out a compact bipedal robot that can roam around your home freely. The AI-powered robot, set to debut at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, boasts various features such as notifying you about leaving the AC on while you’re away and monitoring your pet while you’re at work. Similar to stationary smart home aids like Alexa or Apple HomePod, LG’s robot can provide weather updates and remind you to take your medications on time.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Robotics RB5 Platform, the robot incorporates hardware and software to operate its AI program. This includes the ability to recognize faces and voices, interpret the emotions of those around it, and engage in conversation. LG claims that the robot can welcome you at your door, sense your emotions, and play music to either elevate your mood or help you relax. It also has the capability to express emotions by changing its posture due to its articulated leg joints, although this may have limited practical use beyond making it more approachable.

The robot features a camera in its face, a speaker, and various sensors throughout that enable it to navigate, speak, and listen. It is also capable of measuring indoor air quality and temperature. However, it is unclear if it can be integrated into a smart home system to control the thermostat. LG has yet to comment on this, as well as the price of the robot, which will be announced later.

With the ability to move freely, the robot can be programmed to care for pets in your absence and send smartphone notifications if any unusual activity is detected. It also serves as a mobile “security guard” by notifying you of any movement in the house while you’re away. In all likelihood, it will probably just remind you about leaving the kitchen lights on.