Light No Fire: No Man’s Sky Creators to Simulate Entire Planet in New Game

The UK indie studio Hello Games is pushing the limits of its creativity with a new game that is described as “more ambitious” than the studio’s previous release, No Man’s Sky. The new game, Light No Fire, features procedural generation on a massive scale, creating an entire planet with incredibly detailed landscapes.

Light No Fire is an open-world exploration and community-building game set on a planet the size of Earth. This game blends RPG elements with sandbox survival and offers a multiplayer experience within an ancient and fantastical landscape. The game is designed to allow players to climb trees, explore hills and mountains, and uncover secrets at every turn. According to Sean Murray, the co-founder of Hello Games, Light No Fire is “the first real open world.”

The game has been in development for five years, created by a team of approximately a dozen developers at Hello Games. The project was kept under wraps until its unveiling at The Game Awards on December 7. Currently, there is no confirmed release date for Light No Fire or any details about the platforms it will be available on.

Before achieving recognition for No Man’s Sky, Hello Games was known for creating the cartoony sidescroller Joe Danger. The studio was founded by Ryan Doyle, Grant Duncan, Sean Murray, and David Ream in 2009. Despite challenges in finding a publisher for their initial game, Joe Danger, Hello Games persevered and continued to develop successful titles.

The release of No Man’s Sky marked a significant moment for the studio, as it gained widespread attention and faced both critical acclaim and controversy. Over the years, the team at Hello Games continued to work on and improve No Man’s Sky, ultimately receiving recognition and awards for their ongoing efforts. This history of persistence and dedication makes the reveal of Light No Fire even more significant, highlighting Hello Games’ commitment to pushing creative boundaries.