LockBit Cybercriminals Expose Sensitive Boeing Data

On Friday, the ransomware group LockBit leaked what it claims to be more than 43GB of backup files stolen from Boeing a week after the aerospace giant confirmed it was a victim of a cyberattack, according to Bleeping Computer. As of Monday afternoon, Boeing’s services website remained out of order, with a notice posted acknowledging the cyber incident. A Boeing spokesperson told Engadget that they continue to investigate the incident and will remain in contact with law enforcement and regulatory authorities. On October 27, LockBit listed Boeing as a victim on its website and threatened to release data if a payment wasn’t negotiated by November 2. The data released by LockBit includes IT management software configuration, auditing and monitoring logs, and Citrix information connected to a previous exploit. LockBit has become a notorious ransomware gang since its first appearance in January 2020, with about 1,700 attacks in the US and companies paying around $91 million in ransoms to the gang, according to the FBI.