London’s long-awaited arrival in April is finally here

The impressive-looking Fallout: London mod is set to have an official release date of April 23. The development team says the game’s already finished, but it requires these last few months for testing. This is a “DLC-sized mod” for Bethesda’s Fallout 4, so it was built from the bones of the 2015 sequel. As you can guess, it gives players free rein over a post-apocalyptic London. The release date trailer shows iconic locations like Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Globe and Trafalgar Square, among others. Of course, these areas have been warped by nuclear fallout and decades of chaos. You know the drill.

Developer Team Folon says the game’s European location isn’t just window dressing. The mod will lead players down story paths that “explore pre-war European history” and take a look at how Fallout’s Resource Wars impacted the “class structured society” of the region. It’s also a direct sequel to Fallout 4, being advertised as a “continuation of the base game.” So you’ll need a PC version of the original title to play the mod.

Fallout: London has been in development for more than three years and was expected to launch in 2022 or 2023. Team Folon says the delay was unavoidable, as many team members “come from a region affected by conflict”, potentially referring to Ukraine.

While the release date may have little significance to those of us in the good ole USA, April 23 is St. George’s Day across Britain. It’s a day filled with celebrations and parades, though not an official bank holiday. It’s also just a week on Amazon Prime Video. In other words, April’s a big month for fans of Vault Boy.