Massive $61 Billion Merger between Broadcom and VMware Successfully Completed

Broadcom has successfully completed its $61 billion acquisition of VMware after extensive regulatory scrutiny, the company announced in a press release. China’s recent approval with additional restrictions meant that the network chip manufacturer had obtained all necessary approvals.

“Broadcom has received legal merger clearance in various countries,” the company said, “We are excited to welcome VMware to Broadcom and bring together our engineering-first, innovation-centric teams.”

The deal, while not as high-profile as other tech acquisitions, is significant as Broadcom’s products are widely used in data centers, cloud services, and network infrastructure. VMware’s software for virtualization and cloud computing can safely connect local networks to public cloud access.

Regulators in multiple regions scrutinized the acquisition due to concerns about potential anti-competitive behavior by Broadcom. However, the company gained approval in the EU by providing access to key components to a main rival, addressing concerns about bundling VMware with its own products.

There were also worries about tensions between China and the US affecting the deal, but China’s approval with restrictions was announced, ensuring interoperability with rival hardware.