Microsoft Abandons Windows Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft will shut down its Windows Mixed Reality platform, according to an official list of deprecated Windows features. This includes the Windows Mixed Reality software, Mixed Reality Portal app, and Steam VR app, which Microsoft says will be “removed in a future release of Windows.” The platform, first introduced in 2017 to compete with VR rivals like HTC and Oculus, has seen a lack of adoption despite being compatible with several VR headsets.

However, Microsoft’s other mixed-reality ecosystem, the HoloLens 2, is unaffected by the shutdown of Windows Mixed Reality. Microsoft has made upgrades for the business-focused headset, including a Windows 11 upgrade, and has started shipping them out to the Army for combat tests. Despite reports that development on the HoloLens 3 has stopped, Microsoft has denied these claims and stated that it remains “committed to HoloLens and future HoloLens development.”

In addition to the shutdown of the Windows Mixed Reality platform, Microsoft has made cuts to its VR division, leading to layoffs and the discontinuation of the AltspaceVR app. However, the company is still developing its proprietary Mesh app, which allows co-workers to meet in a virtual space without a headset.