Must-Have iPad Accessories: The Top Picks for 2024

Newer iPads have processing power similar to many laptops, but you’ll need accessories like a keyboard and mouse to maximize productivity. A stylus and paper-feel protector screen can enhance your sketching, while a good stand can improve your viewing and gaming experience. Before buying accessories, double check your iPad’s generation, as the charging port, screen size, and Apple Pencil compatibility are important details. For protection, Otterbox’s Symmetry Series 360 case and Moko and ProCase’s alternatives are great options. Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo stand offers flexibility and stability, while Logitech’s MX Keys Mini keyboard is compact, portable, and has backlit keys. However, Apple’s Magic Keyboard is the most luxurious option. The Apple Pencil is the best drawing tool for the iPad, but Logitech’s Crayon is a more affordable alternative with similar performance. Both styluses provide accurate and lag-free drawing experiences.