NASA and IBM Collaborate to Develop Advanced AI Weather Model

NASA and IBM are creating an AI model for weather and climate apps which they say will offer “significant advantages over existing technology.” Compared to conventional meteorological models, GraphCast and FourCastNet are already generating weather forecasts quicker than traditional methods. IBM emphasizes that these models are AI emulators and can’t be compared to foundation models, which can predict meteorological phenomena more accurately, by inferring high-res information from low-res data and identifying conditions conducive to various environmental events. Evernote’s restrictive plan will limit new and existing accounts to 50 notes and one notebook. During a recent call with reporters, Meta’s head of security policy Nathaniel Gleicher said that the government “paused” communications with the company earlier this year, possibly due to a recent executive order in the United States. In addition, Google has announced a number of updates for its Messages app—but none of this affects iPhone users or the ongoing conversation about text message compatibility. Furthermore, ChatGPT has become incredibly popular recently, achieving 100 million monthly active users in less than a year. It’s now being integrated into a wide range of applications, from academia to government.