Netflix Explores New Terrain With $39 ‘Squid Game’ In-Person Experience

At its heart, Squid Game is a critique of capitalism. Netflix can’t stop finding ways to squeeze money from it. After renewing and debuting a reality show based on the series, Netflix opened a pop-up experience in Los Angeles where fans can pay to play games inspired by the show and maybe buy some costumes. General admission tickets start at $39. You’re agreeing to participate as a contestant in a series of six games designed by Netflix, inspired by the show’s deadly challenges. Instead of dying, you’re given a bracelet that buzzes when you lose a game, but you get to move on. If a guest passes all six challenges, it will give interested patrons priority casting consideration for a spot on the reality TV offshoot of the show. For now, the experience is only available in Los Angeles and is running for a limited time through the new year. Netflix hinted that ‘Squid Game: The Trials’ will later come to another city. Netflix partnered with Samsung to build this in-person pop-up space. Samsung devices will be dotted throughout individual games. Once a player is done, general admission grants you access to a ‘Korean Night Market’ where you can purchase street food and soju cocktails. You can also buy the signature green tracksuit worn by contestants. There are also mini-games inspired by the show available for play. Netflix has been exploring ways to break free from its identity as a streaming-only service and has explored expanding into new categories outside its main service. From expanding its footprint in the gaming space to launching brick-and-mortar branded retail stores and even dining space next year, Netflix seems determined to try to make money selling goods and experiences inspired by its media library. This article contains affiliate links; if you click such a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission.