New Feature: Telegram Introduces Limited Voice Message Transcriptions for All Users

Telegram has released a major update for its iOS and Android apps with new and upgraded features. Since last year, Telegram Premium users have been able to get transcriptions of voice and video messages. Now, the platform is opening up that feature to all users, albeit with a limit of two messages per week for free users. You can access the text version of a voice message by hitting the →A icon. This feature will be rolled out gradually.

Telegram is also improving channel discovery. When you join a channel, you’ll see similar public channels based on similarities in subscriber bases. You can view these recommendations at any time by going to a channel’s profile.

You can now include a video comment or reaction with a story, resizing and moving it around the screen. Reposting someone else’s story is now easier, and you can add a video comment to reposted stories. Premium users can set up their profiles with unique color combos, apply custom wallpapers to each individual chat, and customize the emoji as reactions. The app can now detect coding language in messages and highlight the syntax with proper formatting.